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HTML 5 Canvas Components with ZIM JS

ZIM js Components for HTML 5 Canvas and JavaScript with CreateJS

Creating for the HTML 5 Canvas can be very powerful with libraries like CreateJS and ZIM js.  CreateJS gives us a Bitmap Object Model (BOM) much like the HTML Document Object Model (DOM).  Some call this the Display List or the Scene Graph.

However, we need components to help us make Interactive Media more easily.  ZIM js provides the following components as of version 1.4.4 in the Build Module. http://zimjs.com

  • Button – accepts text or a label, resize, corners, colors, roll colors, drop shadow
  • Label – text for other components or stand alone with font, size, color, roll color
  • Radio Button – family, accepts labels, selected
  • Check Box – checked state, accepts labels
  • Pane – a pop up window with size, drag, corners, label, modal, and more
  • Waiter – animates that loading is happening
  • Number Stepper – number, arrows

There is a lot more to ZIM js so please visit http://zimjs.com for complete information!

Dan Zen



One comment on “HTML 5 Canvas Components with ZIM JS

  1. Dan Zen
    January 9, 2016

    Added Slider and Tabs components – see the slider here: http://zimjs.com/code/remote.html (see second page of this little app) and the tabs here: http://zimjs.com/code/tabs.html – also, components now work based on mousedown by default rather than click. You can change this with zim.ACTIONEVENT = “click” at the top of your script. There is also a setting: zim.OPTIMIZE = true that will make it so components to do do a stage.update() (except for rollovers). You are then responsible for your own stage.update() in the component event once you have made any changes.


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