ZIM js JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

ZIM JavaScript Library for Interactive Media and HTML Canvas Components with CreateJS

ZIM js JavaScript Library and Components for HTML 5 Canvas and CreateJS

ZIM js is ONE year old!  The ZIM js Site has all the information and downloads you need to get started making Interactive Media like games, puzzles, e-learning, mobile apps, simulations, etc. for the HTML 5 Canvas.

ZIM features components for the HTML 5 Canvas, one line drag and drop, multiple types of hit tests, adaptive and responsive layout and paging for the Canvas, swiping, guides, grids, parallax, damping, animation and more.  Did we mention components such as buttons, labels, radio buttons and checkboxes, panes, waiters number steppers, and more!

The free library works with CreateJS and in particular EaselJS to make coding on the Canvas much easier!  There is also a ZIM Learn tutorial which teaches making a game assuming that you have no prior knowledge of programming.

There is documentation, examples, and a new ZIM Socket module for multiuser communication.  More to come including gesture control for Web Cams.  So please try ZIM and make amazing Interactive Media!


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