ZIM js JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

Responsive and Adaptive Design on the HTML 5 Canvas and CreateJS with ZIM js


ZIM js lets you build responsive design with the Layout class in the Pages Module.  You specify horizontal or vertical regions (that can be nested) along with max and min widths or heights, alignment, margins, background colors and ZIM will handle the scaling to fit the regions on the page.  The regions can be any CreateJS or ZIM container, shape, bitmap, component, etc. but containers are recommended.

The Pages class lets you specify what pages go to what other pages with Swipes.  You can also use HotSpots and put all your navigation in one place.  The ZIM Template class will tell you when the page is horizontal or vertical and you can swap Pages with different layouts giving you adaptive design.


The Pages Module also gives you Guide and Grid objects with GuideManager and GridManager objects to help control placement of objects (pixels or percentage) across your site or application.  Now we can position objects without guessing the pixel location, always annoying when coding features without a graphical interfaces like we had in Flash.

ZIM js is a free open source library to help make Interactive Media on the HTML 5 Canvas with JavaScript and the amazing CreateJS Library.


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