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ZIM 2 DUO – CreateInTO Talk – What’s Bubbling on the HTML 5 Canvas?


Inventor Dan Zen will give a talk on the latest updates of ZIM – the free open source library of Interactive Media modules for the HTML 5 Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS.

EVENT: CreateInTO – Meeting of Creative Technologists, etc.
DATE: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 7:00 doors and drinks 7:15 talk
LOCATION: HandleBar, 159 Augusta Ave. Toronto (Kensington Market)

All are welcome to attend this free Meet-up – come early! Updates since the last talk:

  • ZIM Learn – workshop making a JavaScript game in three hours
  • ZIM Remote – use ZIM Socket to remotely control an application
  • ZIM Parallax – animates to window or custom scroll
  • ZIM Bits – currently 16 examples of basic building blocks
  • ZIM Blog – for concise articles on ZIM
  • ZIM Duo – pass parameters as a single configuration object
  • ZIM Tabs – new Tabs parameter also used for button sets
  • ZIM Pixels – new hitTestGrid() used in Psychic Pixels mobile app
  • ZIM Optimize – mobile optimization and action event settings
  • ZIM Colors – new ColorPicker component

Here is a video from the last talk to get you up to speed:

Zim works with the fabulous CreateJS library to let you code easily on the HTML 5 Canvas with JavaScript.  The ZIM SITE is here along with all you need to know.

All the best, Dan Zen – 16 –


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