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ZIM 2.5 Launches with a new Ticker, Sequenced Animation and new Drag functionality for the HTML 5 Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM 2.5 adds a zim.Ticker static class so that all ZIM updates are done in one createjs.Ticker. The ZIM classes and functions add to the zim.Ticker.list queue. If there are functions in the queue, zim will run them and then a single update after all functions have run. You can add your functions to the queue too with the zim.Ticker.add() static method. Setting zim.OPTIMIZE = false will cause the queue not to update the stage unless zim.Ticker.update is set to true. You can also force the Ticker to run an update regardless of whether a function is in the queue or optimize is true by calling zim.Ticker.always().


A cool addition to zim.move() and zim.animate() is that these now can sequence animations. You pass in an array of objects as the target rather than just one object. Then you set the sequence parameter to a time in ms. This will sequence the animations with an interval of the ms you set.


zim.drag() has been updated to include sliding the drag object after your release it (along with a dragDamp parameter). You can now set a surround parameter to make sure that the item being dragged stays outside the bound rect rather than inside the bound rect. You can also set the snap so it snaps back into bounds. A reg parameter has been added too so your drag can snap the registration of the object to your cursor location.

There are also the following miscellaneous updates:

  • added Dictionary class to CODE module
  • adjusted zim.mobile() to return “android”, “Apple”, “blackberry”, “windows”, “other” or false
  • Added startPos and endPos params to Scroller in BUILD
  • Slider now uses globalToLocal
  • added place() method to CREATE to position things and get location in console
  • added text property set and get to CheckBox in BUILD
  • added display parameter to stepper to show or hide the text display
  • adjusted stepper when setting currentValue and currentIndex
  • added triple screen support to max canvas size (which also fixes android sizing bug) in FRAME
  • added registration support to zim.fit() – might change your code!
  • added a display parameter to zim Stepper to show (default) or hide the displays
  • switched the arrow direction on vertical Stepper too – sorry up arrow activates arrow on top
  • added align parameter to text for left (default), center and right
  • adjusted alignment formula for Pane
  • adjusted target in zgo() for WRAP – was always opening in _blank
  • return v==null; used for zot(); in WRAP

ZIM is found at http://zimjs.com – go to the CDN section for links to code.

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