ZIM js JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

TRI ZIM Launches with Distill, Wonder and Async for HTML Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS


ZIM 3 (TRI) is live http://zimjs.com along with a new ZIM site.  All the features of ZIM DUO are there plus three main new features:

  1. ZIM DISTILL: set zim.DISTILL = true; and ZIM will record all the functions running in your app or site.  Then call zim.distill() to retrieve the list.  Paste the list in the field at the Wonder site and receive a minified JavaScript file custom made for your app.  This will save download size for the ZIM library.
  2. ZIM WONDER: quickly create a ZIM Wonder account and with the provided ID you can get a report on how many times a user has done something like press a button or save a princess.  Also track how long something takes like to finish a level.  And find out the order that something was done.
  3. ZIM ASYNC:  send and receive data to and from the server without loading the page using a dynamic script call (JSON-P like – similar to AJAX).  This lets you access unlimited data such as weather, search results, location, etc

The ZIM site has been redesigned with an animated and interactive logo and  three sections: News, Basics and Learn.  You can swap the positions of the columns with the swap diamonds between the columns.  Panels open up to show you archives, features, applications, examples and about.  In the learn column there is a interactive happy face along with an introduction to the code and the code itself.

There is much to see and do – so please take some time and… TRI ZIM!


  • added Distill, Wonder and Async (see above)
    • now works with multiple canvases
    • now works when created after the doc loads
    • easy adding of Frame to a tag (with dimensions or without)
    • added align and valign for fit and outside modes
    • resize triggers in all scale modes
    • added sound parameters to asset loading
    • added scale, x and y read only properties
  • added zet(selector) with on() and css() methods like jQuery
  • added swapProperties() and swapHTML() functions
  • added a center() function to center on and add to container
  • center() handles nested, scaled and rotated containers
  • adjusted centerReg() to call on center()
  • centerReg() now centers on container even if not added to container
  • added rotation support to outline()
  • hitTestCircle() and hitTestRectangle() now check for point in middle
  • ZIM Ticker now supports multiple stages (requires stage params)
  • added objects and values arrays to Dictionary() for easy traversal
  • adjusted move() and animate() to wait before removed from Ticker
  • drag() default drag cursor changed to pointer
  • drag() removeTween param removes tweens from drag object (true)
  • drag() add to Ticker on mousedown and remove on pressup
  • added displayClose param (true) to Pane so press on pane closes it

Now that there is ZIM Distill, we are no longer making individual modules.  There will still be the main ZIM minified js (95K) and the doc js available on the CDN.

ZIM has been tested for two years, the next step is to get more people to – TRI ZIM!

Dan Zen



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