ZIM js JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

Interactive Media Pizzazz! With ZIM js for HTML Canvas powered by CreateJS.


As of ZIM version 4.1.0 and on, the Button and Pane classes support a background parameter [EDIT – 4.1.1 supports Label backing].  You can pass any display object (Shape, Bitmap, Sprite, Container, etc.) as a backing and in the case of a Button also as a rollBacking.  To demonstrate, ZIM has provided a Pizzazz JavaScript file that makes the shapes seen above.

You just include the pizzazz_01.js file at the top of your code (beneath the call to createjs) and then use pizzazz.makeShape(type, color, width, height); to make the shape to pass into the Button or Pane.  See the ZIM Bits Pizzazz Example.


You can make custom shapes like this with zim.Shape() or with a tool like Adobe Animate.  Then publish to HTML Canvas (the default setting).  This makes CreateJS code.  Dig around in there and you can see the Shapes and see how ZIM Pizzazz snags the data.

Have fun!!!  Let your co-workers know about ZIM – the more people using it, the more we save time making cool pizzazz!


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