ZIM js JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

Learn to Code Games, Puzzles, Apps on the HTML Canvas with Easy, Modern, Stylish ZIM for JavaScript!


ZIM Learn

Zim Learn at http://zimjs.com/learn.html now includes EASY steps to start coding on the modern HTML Canvas:

  • Make a Browser or Mobile Puzzle, Game, etc. with just one page of text
  • New HTML Canvas for Wondrous Free-form Interactive Features
  • Code the Canvas with ZIM using the Popular and Powerful JavaScript
  • ZIM designed for all ~ Absolute Beginner to Absolute Professional
  • Tutorials, Workshops and Lessons prepared by ZIM Founder, Dan Zen
  • Canadian New Media Awards Programmer and Educator of the Year


Coding is magical.  Dan Zen, the creator of ZIM has been teaching coding to designers and programmers for dozens of years.  Coding can be complex but with ZIM, we make it as CONSISTENT and SIMPLE as possible so ZIM is for everyone – from grade school to award-winning design agencies.

The ZIM Learn section offers the resources to learn to code in a very basic and practical manner.  ZIM is not necessarily a visual coding environment like SCRATCH but rather uses JavaScript, a professional language, to control objects on the canvas so the results are very VISUAL and DYNAMIC.


The ZIM – What IZ? series has video tutorials that break down coding into its parts.  Currently, there are the basics of coding like syntax, operators, expressions, statements, etc.  There will be future tutorials for mid and advanced topics like scope, closures, module pattern, custom classes, etc.



ZIM Capture has been updated to ZIM 4TH code.  A basic set of captures provide in-depth video tutorials on common Interactive Media tasks such as making shapes, using components, loading assets, dragging and animating objects, using containers, making custom shapes and importing shapes from Adobe Animate as well as applying events.



ZIM Bits is now complete at 64 examples.  The ZIM Learn site organizes these into Basic, Mid and Advanced tutorials.



Coming soon there will be three-hour workshops and day long lessons to make interactive media on the HTML Canvas with ZIMjs, JavaScript and CreateJS.

All the best, we hope you find this a good resource for coding the canvas with pizzazz!  Please share with others who might benefit!





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