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ZIM Ornamate – Wow! You have to try this! It is #Spirograph meets the #HTML #Canvas from #ZIMjs, #JavaScript and #CreateJS


“I wondered what would happen if we put a circle in a circle in a circle in a circle and made sliders for the sizes and steppers for the speeds – then print out the result with a little print head!” – Dan Zen 2016

Well – that is http://zimjs.com/ornamate.html made in 2 days as a holiday card from Inventor Dan Zen using the ZIMjs Framework for the HTML Canvas and JavaScript and powered by the solid CreateJS.

Dan Zen is no stranger to optical experiments – just visit his Museum and in particular the ART and LIGHT SHOW exhibits.  He made over 35o custom holiday cards with Opartica his online op art making tool.  His second CreateJS project was a Kaleidoscope.  His past holiday cards also include snowflake makers, etc.  He has also made a mystery set in melted snowflakes – Utopia.

ZIM ORNAMATE allows you to play with settings and press the ORNAMATE button to see an ornament be created by spinning circles within circles.  You can then save ones you like.  You can right click and save the image to your computer or share the image settings on Facebook and Twitter.



What is fantastic, though, is the variety of patterns that can be made and how familiar they are from nature and human creations throughout the ages.  They are quite hard to predict and make great puzzles!


See if you can recreate any of the ones below!  Share with friends and take particular note that these types of wonderful gadgets can be made with CODE – ZIM is an amazing environment to code in – take it from Dan Zen – who has been pioneering interactive media for over 20 years.  Check out http://zimjs.com/learn.html.



See if you can make any of the following amazing patterns!  Click the image for a larger view and remember – you can make your own at http://zimjs.com/ornamate.html and please share so others can try!  A holiday gift from ZIM!




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