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ZIM 4.7 Launches with Animation Series, Sprite Improvements and more for HTML Canvas Coding with JavaScript and CreateJS


ZIM 4.7.0 (and actually 4.7.1) has launched – hey, did you guys notice the 4 in the ZIM Logo Icon?

http://zimjs.com – is the URL to the ZIMjs Framework for HTML Canvas using JavaScript and powered by CreateJS.


CreateJS has always had a great way to chain animations to create animation series.  ZIM added a wrapper to the CreateJS tweens called zim.animate() to simplify the animation for a single animation and incorporate an integrated automatic Ticker.

Now, ZIM can do animation series inside zim.animate() by passing an array of animations into the obj parameter.  These can have all the parameters of an individual animation (except sequencing, looping forever, and further animation series).

For instance:

var circle = new zim.Circle().center(stage).mov(100,-200);
var rect = new zim.Rectangle().centerReg(stage).mov(-100, -200);
var animations = [ // or can insert animations directly in animate below
  {obj:{alpha:0}, time:1000, from:true},
  {obj:{scale:2}, time:1000, rewind:true, rewindCall:playSound},
  {target:rect, obj:{rotation:360}, time:2000, ease:"backInOut"},
  {obj:{x:circle.x-100}, time:500, call:fightBack},
  {obj:{x:circle.x-50}, time:200, loop:true, loopCount:3, rewind:true},
  {target:rect, obj:{x:rect.x+100}, time:200},
circle.animate({obj:animations, call:function(){zog("end");}, id:"series"});
var button = new zim.Button({label:"PAUSE", toggle:"PLAY"}).center(stage);
button.on("click", function() {zim.pauseZimAnimate(button.toggled, "series");});

function playSound() {zog("playsound")}
function fightBack() {
        obj:{x:rect.x+50}, wait:200, time:200,
        loop:true, loopCount:2, rewind:true,
        override:false, id:"series"

Note that the default target for animate is the object animate is placed on but you can use other targets – and if you want, just use zim.animate() and provide target params for each.

ZIM 4.7.0 introduces animate ids that can be used with pauseZimAnimate(state, id) and stopZimAnimate(id).  Using circle.stopZimAnimate() would stop all tweens on the circle only.  Using circle.stopZimAnimate(“series”) will stop all tweens with an id of “series” on the circle.  Using zim.stopZimAnimate() stops all tweens and zim.stopZimAnimate(“series”) would stop all tweens with an id of “series”.  Note that this includes tweens from zim.move() and sprite.run() as well.  And note that a series will get the same id.

The zim.Sprite makes use of the animate series with the run() method.  See the blog post on Sprite Updates.


sca(), reg(), siz() have been added to the chainable transformation properties representing scale, registration and size.  These are in addition to pos(), mov(), alp(), rot() and ske().

zim.interval(time, call, total, immediate) and zim.timeout(time, call) have been added to make intervals and timeouts that use requestAnimationFrame to not waste batteries when the app is not in view.  There are a few more handy features to get random intervals, pause and clear as well – so check the docs.

The full scale mode has been rewritten to solve some iPhone bugs when changing orientation. Thanks to Frank Los for the help in debugging these and coming up with solutions.

Please see all the updates on the ZIM Docs Updates page.

Have a great day!

Dan Zen

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