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ZIM 4.8.0 Launches with MotionController and GamePad for HTML #Canvas with #JavaScript and #CreateJS #ZIMjs


ZIM 4.8.0 at http://zimjs.com has launched with support for Game Controllers using the HTML navigator.getGamepads API including buttons and sticks:

"A","B","X","Y", (Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square)
"LB","RB","LT","RT", (for left and right bumper and trigger)
"LS","RS", (for left stick press, right stick press)

Along with GamePad support comes a MotionController class to make a target move to the mousedown position, or follow the mouse, or move to keydown, GamePad button down or stick control, or work on swipe or manual mode!

The MotionController class supports dynamic speed, rotation, damping, flipping, and first person mode.  It also lets you map keys and gamepad buttons to left, right, up and down motion.

See the an example at http://zimjs.com/code/controller

And a basic example at http://zimjs.com/code/controller/simple.html

var circle = new zim.Circle(40, frame.green).center(stage);
var controller = new zim.MotionController(stage, circle);

Stay tuned for a new game.js helper module with LeaderBoard and Shooter classes.  This along with the physics, 3D and pizzazz helper modules will then be launched as a new section of ZIM. A Pong game, an Asteroid game and a PacMan game examples are under way. Of course, ZIM already has a host of handy game treats like one-line drag and drop, multiple types of hit tests, scrollers, sprites, dynamos, accellerators, etc.

But ZIM is not all fun and games, make sure to dig into the ZIM Bits and Tutorials for the full range of what ZIM can build.  We have spent two years working on serious general interactive media components and functionality.

All the best from ZIM http://zimjs.com


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