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ZIM Meme Launches with ZIM 4.9.1 on HTML Canvas with #JavaScript and #CreateJS


ZIM Meme has launched at http://zimjs.com/code/meme and demonstrates the components in ZIM including the new Loader and TextArea components added in ZIM 4.9.0.  The latest version, ZIM 4.9.1 is live with resize support for zim.Window.  Please see the ZIM Bubbling series for more on these features:



Loader lets the user upload pictures from their desktop or mobile device into the canvas where they can be manipulated by ZIM.  The TextArea provides imput and selectable text on the Canvas.  There are both HTML tag overlays using CreateJS DOMElement and then scaled and positioned by ZIM. If you manually move the elements for instance when the panel is dragged to another location, the objects must have their resize() method called to rescale and reposition the the associated HTML tag.

Loader | TextArea | Window

All the best – you can tell we are getting close to ZIM VEE (5) – as we are at 4.9… not much more to go!


2 comments on “ZIM Meme Launches with ZIM 4.9.1 on HTML Canvas with #JavaScript and #CreateJS

  1. fanatic
    April 17, 2017

    hello, loader got problem. it’s never showing my uploaded’s images

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  2. Dan Zen
    April 17, 2017

    Hi Fanatic… thanks a lot for pointing that out. I had shown an alternative loop during the What’s Bubbling video and accidentally left it in – and had just used bitmaps rather than e.bitmaps! So it is fixed now. Cheers – have fun with it.


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