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PaperJS Famous Wave recreated in ZIM on the #HTML #Canvas with #JavaScript #CreateJS and #ZIMjs


ZIM 5.1.0 has launched with a new Blob class complete with multiple types of Bezier controls.  The ZIM Blob can be edited and recorded.  The Bezier points can be animated and controlled dynamically with zim.animate() or zim.wiggle() or with zim.MotionController().  The Blob is a ZIM Shape so it can be dragged, scaled, centered, rotated, have its color or alpha changed, etc.

The above image is a ZIM reproduction of PaperJS wave that has been on their front page for a few years…  The real power of ZIM Blob though comes with letting people edit blobs and save them – see the Bubbling Series videos: Blobs and Blobs 2.

The Bezier controls consist of a point and two handles that change the curve of the Blob as it comes in and out of the point – just like in PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, etc.  There are four types of controls:

  1. “none” – this will make a corner (not shown in pic below)
  2. “mirror” – this keeps the stick straight and mirrors the handles
  3. “straight” – this keeps the stick straight but lengths can differ
  4. “free” – this lets sticks move independently at any angle


Here is an oil drop light show created with ZIM Blob in a few hours:





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