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ZIM 5.3.0 Launches with SoundWave #frequency analysis for #HTML #JavaScript and #CreateJS at #ZIMjs


Ah… the old classic Frequency Bars!  ZIM 5.3.0 has launched at http://zimjs.com that now includes a SoundWave() class for easy Sound Frequency Analysis.

var soundWave = new zim.SoundWave(50);
soundWave.on("ready", function() {
 zim.Ticker.add(function() {
   var data = soundWave.calculate();
   zog(data); // array of 50 frequency values low to high

Here are some examples:

Here is a link to the ZIM BUBBLING: SoundWave Code Video Tutorial


The Docs have changed with new Module names and order of code – this is just an organizational change and does not affect your coding in any way.

The ZIM Create module has been renamed ZIM METHODS and moved to after the ZIM Build Module which has been renamed ZIM DISPLAY.

ZIM Display holds the basic DisplayObjects: Container, Shape, Bitmap, Sprite and MovieClip as well as the ZIM Shapes: Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Blob and the ZIM Components.  These are all Classes from which display objects can be created.

ZIM Methods holds all the Zim methods that do things to or can be done with the ZIM Display objects from the module above.  These are the original Zim functions like drag(), all the hitTests, move() and animate(), center(), centerReg(), all the short chainable methods like pos(), mov(), sca(), alp(), rot(), etc.  These still work as zim functions but are now primarily treated as methods now that pretty well all CreateJS objects have been extended in Zim.

The last change is that the ZIM Pages module has been renamed ZIM CONTROLS.  This has grown to include more than just page controls like the Pages(), Layout(), etc. and now has MotionController(), GamePad(), Emitter(), Parallax(), the new SoundWave() and more.

Here is a link to the ZIM BUBBLING: Documentation Changes

Hopefully you find the changes help organize ZIM.  We are currently working on the new site for ZIM VEE (5).  Should be live in a month or two!  All the best from http://zimjs.com.


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