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Official ZIM (vee/5) Site Launch + Badges Tutorial for #HTML #Canvas #JavaScript


The ZIM VEE (5) site has officially launched at http://zimjs.com and features a new Badges Tutorial section to make an Alien Detector app and earn badges.  The tutorial has 60 steps each with highlight, more and answer buttons.  MORE provides links to related ZIM Learn Code and Videos making this an invaluable way to learn to code your first app.

A code update to version 5.3.1 has also been made.  This update takes advantage of the default stage concept introduced in ZIM 5.  So now, Pages(), Grid() and Guide() will all assume the default stage and the holder parameter has been moved to the end should you wish to add to a container other than the stage.  A few other efficiencies have been added so have a look a the updates page.


The ZIM VEE site has been subtly improved since the soft-launch a few weeks ago.  Social media icons are in place in the footer of all secondary pages.  The ABOUT section has been bolstered to include Features, Applications, Archives, Reviews, Team and Philosophy sections including ZIM ZERO videos for WHY ZIM and the CREATIVITY FRAMEWORK.   There is a new FaveIcon as well for ZIM so under your options > advanced > Network – clear your cached content on Firefox (different than normal cache clearing).  Chrome should take care of the change on its own.


Our Patreon Account is starting to grow.  Thanks for the contributors – if you would like to support ZIM please give even a few dollars.

Also, now, when you share ZIM on social media, the proper ZIM image should show.  This used to show the Dan Zen Museum as we share the Web Server for the site.  So please, try out a share – let anyone interested in coding know about ZIM… potential students, your teachers.  Please, this would help us out greatly as we try and get ZIM to the people.


All the best,

Dr. Abstract and Pragma.





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