ZIM js JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

ZIM Teach Launches with Workshops and Lessons for Visual JavaScript Coding on the Canvas


ZIM Teach has launched at http://zimjs.com/teach.html as a resource for teaching very VISUAL JavaScript code on the HTML Canvas.

ZIM Teach compliments the ZIM Learn section at http://zimjs.com/learn.html which has over 150 video and code tutorials divided equally between basics, mid and advanced levels.

ZIM Teach provides THREE hour workshops to create assets on the canvas, code the canvas, make games, use physics and make apps with file uploads.  These include all the files needed, detailed instructions and recommendations, steps, sample code, a zip to distribute to the students and more.

TEN Hour Lessons are also available as ZIP files with added exercises and tests.


Founder Dan Zen is a Canadian New Media Awards Programmer and Educator of the year.  He has been making Interactive Media since 1995.  In 2017, Dan Zen was awarded the Hamilton Arts Awards for Media Arts for his work in ZIM.  Dan Zen teaches Interactive Coding with ZIM for the Post Grad Interactive Media program at the renowned Sheridan College in the Sheridan Center for Animation and Emerging Technologies, Oakville, Canada.


ZIM can be taught at University, College, Highschool, Professional Workshops, and Clubs of Coding Enthusiasts.  Frank Los explains:

Teaching ZIM gives my students confidence because it is quite easy to have something visual on stage. Confidence is key because many people think coding is very hard to learn.


Stacey Reiman: Hey, ZIM is the most awesome library for making kids apps in JS that I think EXISTS!!! Thank you!!!


James Barrett: The ZIMjs library is the very best place to go for educators transitioning from Flash to Canvas. Incredible library, excellent documentation!


Paul Robert: I just discovered Zim, and I agree that it is a fantastic canvas JS library.


Dima Nikolaev: Such a great a tool with huge potential for the whole web – I see a bunch of apps, sites based on this tool which will help all people!  ZIM is a God Tool – I think it’s the Evolutionary step in the web.  I am your fan from now :))


Fabio Cannioto: Thank you ZIM. I currently develop with your great creation!!!


ZIM at http://zimjs.com is an open source JavaScript Framework for the HTML Canvas. You code in a text editor and view the code in a Browser. You can make visually rich games, apps, art and sites. ZIM is powered by the wonderful CreateJS with many thanks to their team!

The ZIM site features the following sections:

  • LEARN tutorials on how to start and code in ZIM
  • CODE ZIM Frame template and code context
  • DOCS the objects and commands all defined
  • NEWS latest features and articles
  • ABOUT features, applications, archives, reviews, etc.
  • EXAMPLES sample projects created in ZIM

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