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Tea Bugs – Mobile Game Featuring ZIM 6.6.0 with Squiggle and Button Wait


TEA BUGS has been soft-launched at http://zimjs.com/teabugs

The puzzle game will be launched on Mobile early 2018.  The goal is to adjust the curve to guide the bugs to eat the sugar and meet each other.  You can also make and share your own puzzles.


Tea Bugs was made with ZIM at http://zimjs.com were you can code creativity on the HTML 5 Canvas powered by CreateJS and JavaScript.


SQUIGGLE – the new Bezier curve class in ZIM that is like Blob but just a line.  Squiggle is part of the TransformManager system so can be saved and remade after the app is reopened.  Squiggle Docs or click icon below to see Squiggle Example.


BUTTON WAIT – the buttons in Tea Bugs make use of the new wait parameter for ZIM Button (and Tabs and Pad) along with waitTime, waitColor, rollWaitColor, waitTextColor, rollWaitTextColor, waitModal, waitEnabled parameters.  This lets buttons change state to handle confirmation, loading time, etc.  Button Docs

PANE BAR – added a new bar with close button to Pane parameters as well as various colors and properties to help make Pane a little faster to work with when making traditional dialog boxes.  Pane Docs

HITTESTCIRCLES – added a ZIM hitTestCircles() to test if two circles are hitting.  The bounding  box of the object is used to determine circles.  This is a faster hitTest than hitTestCircle which tests for any shape hitting a Circle.  So use this test when you have two circles as you would hitTestBounds when you have two rectangular objects.  HitTestCircles Docs







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