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ZIM 6.7.0 Launches with Portal and DeviceMotion


ZIM 6.7.0 has launched with ZIM Portal() to let you travel between multiple lands ;-).  We know you have all been saying… when will ZIM finally get portal technology!  Now you can try out the portal example.

The launch also features the new devicemotion event for ZIM Frame featured in the Etch A Sketch example.


Also added in ZIM 6.7.1 the following chainable methods:

  • cur() – for cursor control – defaults to “pointer” but also all the CSS cursors available.
  • cache() – for caching the object with default of bounds of object.
  • sha() – for adding a drop shadow with default .3 alpha black 5,5,10 dimensions.

ZIM 6.7.1 also has an updated setMask() to work with gesture() and transform() as well as traditional Blob(), drag() and animate().  Added a dynamic parameter to setMask() if you are going to make manual transforms of any ZIM shapes (Circle, Rectangle, Triangle).

Lots more updates too – check out the ZIM Updates page.

Happy coding!

If you are interested in ZIM or using ZIM, please join our ZIM Slack Team!




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