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ZIM on TWITTER – 10 Followers a Minute


ZIM has been on Twitter for a couple months now and is starting to make some Social Media connections.  We would love to match our click-bate heading so if you have friends and colleagues who code and tweet – please let them know about ZIM – they could be very appreciative.


We will do our best on Twitter to foster Creative Coding on the Canvas – sharing examples and guiding as to what can be done and how!  Please help us by using the #Canvas #JavaScript #CreateJS #ZIMjs hash tags on any relevant posts.   Reposting ZIM Tweets is certainly helpful to spread the word and make the world a more creative place!



We saw a Tweet by Mark Chubb about finding the area of blobs on paper with round discs.  We thought that would be a neat thing to do digitally as well – so we made an example e-learning app – you can try it here – http://zimjs.com/blobs.

It is a great way to keep ZIM current and active and always improving to make the examples that are coded in other libraries.  Of course, we will continue to forge ahead in brand new original ideas as well!  And Tweet about them as they come!  All the best,

Dr. Abstract and Pragma!



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