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New Blob and Squiggle Features – for the Canvas with CreateJS and ZIM


ZIM 10.3.0 has launched with hitTestPath() to do hit tests of any DisplayObject shape against points on a path.  Try Hit Test Path here.

Also, Blob and Squiggle now have addPoint(), addPoints() and interpolate() methods to be able to add points with code.  The clicking on the Blob or Squiggle with the editPoints parameter true (default) has been improved to now add Bezier curves around the edge of the shape without changing the shape.


ZIM 10.2.0 added support for Shape Tweens between two Blobs or Squiggles!  This is very cool and built right in to animate:

// Shape Tween:

blob.animate({shape:blob2}, 1000);

The world of ZIM keeps getting more and more exciting!  Come join us! http://zimjs.com/slack

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