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ZIM Featured in Artists for Climate Action Show


ZIM Founder, Dr. Abstract (Dan Zen), presented an environmental game called World Defender at the Artists for Climate Change art show.  This was a multitouch game to let good things reach the earth and stop bad things like coal, oil, single use, denial, deforesting, etc.  The world gets dark and grouchy or bright and happy depending on the score.

See the video of the show which took place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and made somewhere around $10,000 for various green organizations and movements including Extinction Rebellion.  Congrats to all involved.

Dr. Abstract says:

It is so important that we adapt to sustainable ways and put pressure on governments and businesses to effect widespread change to help the environment.  It was an honour to be involved in the show.

Coding can help us create powerful messages and educational reinforcements like the World Defender.  Coding is also an efficient way to change our environment.  We can create virtual reality to reduce plane travel.  We can change our look with wearable computing, our decor with OLED, etc. without buying new products.  We are creating light shows with ZIM for upcoming events that offer an exciting experience without physical waste.


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