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ZIM Light Show at Original Blues Brothers Band Event


On May 5th, 2019, the Original Blues Brothers Band played at a charity event for the Hamilton Music Collective which runs the “An Instrument for Every Child” program to help kids have musical instruments.  The event, at Collective Arts Brewery, was a sold out crowd of 500 people at $100 a ticket to help the cause.  Congrats to every one involved.

Inventor Dan Zen, Founder of ZIM, presented two light shows on huge walls as part of his loose collective called LightHaus – also presenting was Darryl Gold.  Zen has been doing light shows for years and the last couple years using ZIM with the ZIM SoundWave class to animate to sound frequencies on the HTML Canvas with JavaScript powered by CreateJS.

Zen had this to say when he was interviewed in his Canadian home after his one hour screencast to the JavaScript of Israel Facebook group:

Wow!  That was a life highlight – it was cool to see the light show move to the live sounds of the Blues Brothers – horns, harmonicas, and harmonies – their performance was top notch!

The two light shows can be seen here in demo mode with music by Ferguson North – the event’s organizer Astrid Hepner and friend Tim Ticker’s band (both were in attendance).

Rings Demo Light Show with ZIM
Rays Demo Light Show with ZIM

“It was long-time-coming to show sponsor logos in projections.  It was planned back in 1997 to show logos in the center of Opartica at raves but perhaps I was a little ahead of the times…”


ZIM at http://zimjs.com is an open source JavaScript Framework for the HTML Canvas. You code in a text editor and view the code in a Browser. You can make visually rich games, apps, art and sites. ZIM is powered by the wonderful CreateJS with many thanks to their team!

The ZIM site features the following sections:

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