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ZIM Site Moves To JavaScript 6 ES6


ZIM Skool at https://zimjs.com/skool.html has been converted to ES6 for its reference and on-line tutorials.  It also now features syntax coloring in its reference section and looks great!  This is in preparation for a new video series called Learn JavaScript with Creative Coding which follows along the same lesson structure as the popular online coding resource for High Schools, Colleges and coding clubs.


ZIM Tips at https://zimjs.com/tips.html has also been converted to JavaScript 6 and re-organized and has had syntax coloring added.  It has become quite the page of information about the ZIM Creative Coding JavaScript Canvas Framework.

The ZIM Template on the CODE page at https://zimjs.com/code.html is ES6 with const, let, arrow functions being the difference.  If you would like to read a little about it you can view the JavaScript 6 Tip.

Just a warning… JavaScript 6 does not work on our older test devices like an iPod 5 from about 5 years ago.  So… for a production apps you should transpile with Babel for instance.


ZIM at http://zimjs.com is an open source JavaScript Framework for the HTML Canvas. You code in a text editor and view the code in a Browser. You can make visually rich games, apps, art and sites. ZIM is powered by the wonderful CreateJS with many thanks to their team!

The ZIM site features the following sections:

  • LEARN tutorials on how to start and code in ZIM
  • CODE ZIM Frame template and code context
  • DOCS the objects and commands all defined
  • NEWS latest features and articles
  • ABOUT features, applications, archives, reviews, etc.
  • EXAMPLES sample projects created in ZIM

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