ZIM JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

ZIM NFT Launches!

A major version of ZIM has launched called ZIM NFT. This is after ZIM CAT, TEN, NIO, OCT, HEP, SIX, VEE, 4TH, TRI, DUO and ONE. SEE PRESS RELEASE ON … Continue reading

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Three New Versions of ZIM Cat!

Since the launch of ZIM Cat 00, we have launched three new versions and are now on ZIM Cat 03 at https://zimjs.com. The updates include Generator, Book, Connectors, Effects, a … Continue reading

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Welcome ZIM Cat! For the JavaScript Canvas!

ZIM Cat has launched at https://zimjs.com. This is the version of ZIM after TEN. So TEN is gone and Cat is in! There are amazing new features like Synth, Wire, … Continue reading

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ZIM 10.9.0 Launches with Bind and Flare for the JavaScript Canvas

ZIM 10.9.0 has launched – another huge launch just dying to be ZIM LEV (11). But we are doing our best to keep ZIM at TEN. BIND ZIM now supports … Continue reading

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ZIM on CodePen Topics

The ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework has been added to the CodePen Topics section at https://codepen.io/topics.  At https://codepen.io/topic/zim you will find over 130 Pens on templates, patterns and examples as well … Continue reading

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ZIM 10.7.0 Launches with Beads!

ZIM 10.7.0 (and now 10.7.1) has launched with ZIM Beads() that lets you place objects along a path made with a Squiggle or Blob.  See the Beads Mini-site. Paths have … Continue reading

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ZIM 10.6.0 Launches with Radial Menu and much More for the JavaScript Canvas

RADIAL MENU ZIM 10.6.0 has launched to Code Creativity on the JavaScript Canvas now with a new Radial Menu interface for the Canvas that makes use of Label on Arc … Continue reading

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ZIM Site Moves To JavaScript 6 ES6

ZIM Skool at https://zimjs.com/skool.html has been converted to ES6 for its reference and on-line tutorials.  It also now features syntax coloring in its reference section and looks great!  This is … Continue reading

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Code in FIVE Minutes with ZIM – Video Series

We have launched a new video series called Code in FIVE Minutes with ZIM Here are the topics to date: 01 – Tile Art 02 – RollerCoaster 03 – Asteroid … Continue reading

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Golden Functions (CI/CX) Talk at HamOntJS

ZIM Founder, Dan Zen (Dr. Abstract) gave a talk on Four Golden Functions at the HamOntJS meetup in Hamilton at CoMotion on King.  There was an excellent vibe and the … Continue reading

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ZIM with Zdog 3D – a good match for the Canvas with JavaScript, CreateJS and ZIMjs

Zdog at http://zzz.dog is a nice easy pseudo 3D engine great for quick code based modeling.  The format is very similar to ZIM and it is easy to bring in … Continue reading

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ZIM Light Show at Original Blues Brothers Band Event

On May 5th, 2019, the Original Blues Brothers Band played at a charity event for the Hamilton Music Collective which runs the “An Instrument for Every Child” program to help … Continue reading

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ZIM Featured in Artists for Climate Action Show

ZIM Founder, Dr. Abstract (Dan Zen), presented an environmental game called World Defender at the Artists for Climate Change art show.  This was a multitouch game to let good things … Continue reading

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