ZIM js JavaScript Framework

Canvas Components, Controls and more!

Canvas 2.0 is here!



Early Canvas libraries like CreateJS and PixieJS have given us a powerful base to work with including a Bitmap Object Model (BOM) and events to add interactivity. The libraries, however, are missing many conveniences, components and controls that interactive developers are accustomed to.

Let’s take a second look at the Canvas!

There is now a general interactive media JavaScript framework called ZIM at http://zimjs.com that is powered by CreateJS and adds the following features:

  • One-line Drag and Drop
  • Multitouch Pan, Pinch and Rotate
  • Multiple Types of Hit Tests
  • Buttons, Panes and Tabs
  • Windows and Wrapable Text
  • Shapes, Sliders and Steppers
  • Waiters and ColorPickers
  • Indicators, Dials and Pads
  • Scalable Template Framework
  • Chaining and Configuration Objects
  • Easy Asset Loading
  • Page and Layout Control
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Swipes and HotSpots
  • Guides, Grids and Outlines
  • Parallax, Scroll and Tiling
  • Dynamic Sprite and Scrollers
  • GamePad and Motion Controllers
  • Particle Emitter and SoundWave
  • Animation, Sequences and Damping
  • 3D and Physics Support Libraries
  • Multiuser and Asynchronous Calls
  • Dynamic Bezier Blobs
  • WebGL Support

ZIM has a large LEARN section filled with code and video tutorials – aimed to help everyone from the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional.  The canvas provides an instantly visual way to learn coding and ZIM has a consistent approach to Canvas assets to let coders concentrate on building their app with ease.

Spend time creating not building infrastructure!

One issue with the early canvas, is that developers had to build almost everything from scratch.  As fun as this at times… it does take time… we know – ZIM has been under constant development for three years.  Despite being very complete, you can use ZIM Distill to easily minify only the ZIM code that you use.  This prevents bloat.

ZIM was created by Inventor Dan Zen – Canadian New Media Awards Programmer and Educator of the Year.  ZIM includes some pretty nice coding inventions as well yet keeping with convention.  An example is that parameters can be passed in individually or as a single configuration object.  More code treats can be found in the CODE section of the ZIM site.


Here is an INTRO VIDEO as to why we use the canvas giving examples and analysis of savings when using libraries like CreateJS and frameworks like ZIM.  More can be found in the ABOUT section of the ZIM site.

We hope you take a look at the new ZIM Canvas Framework as we bring in CANVAS 2.0.





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