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ZIM 10.6.0 Launches with Radial Menu and much More for the JavaScript Canvas

RADIAL MENU ZIM 10.6.0 has launched to Code Creativity on the JavaScript Canvas now with a new Radial Menu interface for the Canvas that makes use of Label on Arc … Continue reading

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ZIM with Zdog 3D – a good match for the Canvas with JavaScript, CreateJS and ZIMjs

Zdog at http://zzz.dog is a nice easy pseudo 3D engine great for quick code based modeling.  The format is very similar to ZIM and it is easy to bring in … Continue reading

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ZIM TEN (10) Launches with Integrated Physics for JavaScript Canvas with CreateJS and ZIMjs

ZIM TEN with Integrated Physics for Canvas ZIM 10 has launched with a NEW SITE and new features including integrated physics, an accordion List and SVG import to ZIM paths. … Continue reading

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New – ZIM Pen! Draw, animate and more on the HTML Canvas with #JavaScript, #CreateJS, #ZIMjs

ZIM 9.1.0, 9.2.0 and ZIM 9.3.0 have launched with some amazing additions! Squiggle and Blob multi-point select and drag transformPoints() on Squiggle and Blob to scale and move points series(1,2,3) … Continue reading

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ZIM HEP (7) Launches for #Canvas with #JavaScript, #CreateJS and #ZIMjs

ZIM HEP (7) has launched at http://zimjs.com  with TypeScript support, a new software Keyboard for Canvas, documentation improvements, and a variety of great updates found at http://zimjs.com/updates.html. It has never … Continue reading

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ZIM 4.7 Launches with Animation Series, Sprite Improvements and more for HTML Canvas Coding with JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM 4.7.0 (and actually 4.7.1) has launched – hey, did you guys notice the 4 in the ZIM Logo Icon? http://zimjs.com – is the URL to the ZIMjs Framework for … Continue reading

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ZIM 4.6 New Updates for HTML Canvas Coding!

ZIM 4.6.0 has launched with a new Swiper class added to the Pages module.  Swiper is like an invisible slider with Damping.  It is good for controlling rotation and scale … Continue reading

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The Easy Way to Build In JavaScript – for artists, designers, beginners, newbies, kids, teens, and even experienced coders!

ZIMjs at http://zimjs.com is an open source framework for making interactive media pizzazz in JavaScript!  ZIM uses the free-form, draw-optimized HTML CANVAS so it is a little different than traditional … Continue reading

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Interactive Media Pizzazz! With ZIM js for HTML Canvas powered by CreateJS.

As of ZIM version 4.1.0 and on, the Button and Pane classes support a background parameter [EDIT – 4.1.1 supports Label backing].  You can pass any display object (Shape, Bitmap, … Continue reading

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Code Outside the Box – HTML Canvas

Interactive Media can be laid out in boxes like information sites or it can transcend boxes like applications to make art.  While traditional HTML, CSS and JavaScript are great for … Continue reading

June 23, 2016 · 3 Comments

Responsive and Adaptive Design on the HTML 5 Canvas and CreateJS with ZIM js

ZIM js lets you build responsive design with the Layout class in the Pages Module.  You specify horizontal or vertical regions (that can be nested) along with max and min … Continue reading

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