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ZIM 4.4 has Faster HitTests! #HTML #Canvas #JavaScript #ZIMjs #CreateJS

ZIM 4.4.0 has launched with an update to its hitTests to greatly improve SPEED.  Pictured above is hitTestCircle() acting on 1000 droids at 60 FPS.  The trick to performance was … Continue reading

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LOOPY! A New Way to Loop – with ZIM for HTML Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM 4.3 has introduced a loop function that handles FOUR different tasks.  It has a more familiar format than a for loop: for (var i=0; i<10; i++) {} The params … Continue reading

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Learn to Code Games, Puzzles, Apps on the HTML Canvas with Easy, Modern, Stylish ZIM for JavaScript!

ZIM Learn Zim Learn at http://zimjs.com/code/learn now includes EASY steps to start coding on the modern HTML Canvas: Make a Browser or Mobile Puzzle, Game, etc. with just one page … Continue reading

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ZIM Bits +64 tutorial examples of Interactive Media on the HTML Canvas with JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM BITS at http://zimjs.com/code/bits.html has reached the goal of 64 tutorial examples of interactive media techniques for the HTML Canvas with JavaScript and CreateJS.  The goal was reached with a … Continue reading

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The Easy Way to Build In JavaScript – for artists, designers, beginners, newbies, kids, teens, and even experienced coders!

ZIMjs at http://zimjs.com is an open source framework for making interactive media pizzazz in JavaScript!  ZIM uses the free-form, draw-optimized HTML CANVAS so it is a little different than traditional … Continue reading

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Interactive Media Pizzazz! With ZIM js for HTML Canvas powered by CreateJS.

As of ZIM version 4.1.0 and on, the Button and Pane classes support a background parameter [EDIT – 4.1.1 supports Label backing].  You can pass any display object (Shape, Bitmap, … Continue reading

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ZIM 4TH Launches with new Display Objects, Methods and Properties for HTML Canvas Coding in JavaScript and CreateJS

WHAT’S NEW ZIM – at http://zimjs.com has launched version 4 called ZIM 4TH with a new site and dramatically updated docs. The new version introduces ZIM basic display objects that extend … Continue reading

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Six New ZIM Bits – Total 50!

Along with the launch of the new ZIM 4TH site – there are 6 new ZIM Bits taking the total to 50 Bits – on its way to 64 before … Continue reading

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Physics Engines with ZIM – Box2D, JavaScript and Createjs

ZIM and CreateJS work with Physics Engines such as Box2D.  Above is a more complex example with buoyancy and sensors.  Press the yellow area to add more ingredients or hold … Continue reading

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Interactive Media – Context and Metrics – HTML Canvas, JavaScript, CreateJS and ZIM

Interactive Media consists of sites, apps and games for information, social, artistic or educational purposes or to play or simulate life.  The diagram above divides how we make Interactive Media … Continue reading

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ZIM Capture Launches Video Tutorials for Coding HTML Canvas in ZIMjs, JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM Capture is a growing playlist of YouTube video screen-captures that introduce you to the ZIM library of Interactive Media modules to code the HTML 5 Canvas with CreateJS and … Continue reading

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ZIM on Tools Page of CreateJS Site

ZIMjs is on the Tools Page of the CreateJS site along with Adobe Animate, Zoe, TexturePacker, TextJS, Drawscri.pt, and more! A big thanks to the CreateJS team.  Since being added … Continue reading

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Code Outside the Box – HTML Canvas

Interactive Media can be laid out in boxes like information sites or it can transcend boxes like applications to make art.  While traditional HTML, CSS and JavaScript are great for … Continue reading

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TRI ZIM Launches with Distill, Wonder and Async for HTML Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM 3 (TRI) is live http://zimjs.com along with a new ZIM site.  All the features of ZIM DUO are there plus three main new features: ZIM DISTILL: set zim.DISTILL = … Continue reading

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