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ZIM 5.0 Launches with Particle Emitter for #HTML #Canvas with #JavaScript and #CreateJS with #ZIMjs

ZIM 5 has launched with a new concept called a ZIM VEE value.  http://zimjs.com This allows for dynamic parameters and works in conjunction with a new global command called zik() … Continue reading

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ZIM Meme Launches with ZIM 4.9.1 on HTML Canvas with #JavaScript and #CreateJS

ZIM Meme has launched at http://zimjs.com/code/meme and demonstrates the components in ZIM including the new Loader and TextArea components added in ZIM 4.9.0.  The latest version, ZIM 4.9.1 is live … Continue reading

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ZIM Launches BUBBLING video series for #HTML #Canvas and #CreateJS with #ZIMjs

ZIM Bubbling is live at YOU TUBE with current topics as follows: ZIM Bubbling: 01. New Series ZIM Bubbling: 02. Chaining ZIM Bubbling: 03. Animation Series ZIM Bubbling: 04. Sprite … Continue reading

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ZIM 4.8.0 Launches with MotionController and GamePad for HTML #Canvas with #JavaScript and #CreateJS #ZIMjs

ZIM 4.8.0 at http://zimjs.com has launched with support for Game Controllers using the HTML navigator.getGamepads API including buttons and sticks: “A”,”B”,”X”,”Y”, (Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square) “LB”,”RB”,”LT”,”RT”, (for left and … Continue reading

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CSS Animation vs Canvas Animation with #ZIMjs and #CreateJS

CSS ANIMATION vs ZIM ANIMATION A ball animating to the middle of the page creating a drop – repeating three times and the drop gets bigger until it turns into … Continue reading

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ZIM Dynamo and Accelerator launches with version 4.7.2 for HTML Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS

http://zimjs.com/code/zide/ demonstrates the new dynamic scene functionality in the latest release of ZIM – 4.7.2. DYNAMO Dynamo takes a zim.Sprite and lets you change its speed by a percentSpeed property.  … Continue reading

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ZIM 4.7 Launches with Animation Series, Sprite Improvements and more for HTML Canvas Coding with JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM 4.7.0 (and actually 4.7.1) has launched – hey, did you guys notice the 4 in the ZIM Logo Icon? http://zimjs.com – is the URL to the ZIMjs Framework for … Continue reading

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SpriteSheets in ZIM – canvas coding with #JavaScript and #CreateJS

SpriteSheets let you animate graphics by loading one graphic and providing data for the frames.  CreateJS has SpriteSheet and Sprite support.  ZIM uses these as a base and then adds … Continue reading

January 14, 2017 · 4 Comments

ZIM 4.6 New Updates for HTML Canvas Coding!

ZIM 4.6.0 has launched with a new Swiper class added to the Pages module.  Swiper is like an invisible slider with Damping.  It is good for controlling rotation and scale … Continue reading

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ZIM Learn Launches Three Workshops for HTML Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM has launched the first set of three-hour workshops for learning to code on the HTML Canvas in JavaScript.  Each workshops has a ZIP file for teachers with all the … Continue reading

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ZIM Ornamate – Wow! You have to try this! It is #Spirograph meets the #HTML #Canvas from #ZIMjs, #JavaScript and #CreateJS

“I wondered what would happen if we put a circle in a circle in a circle in a circle and made sliders for the sizes and steppers for the speeds … Continue reading

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ZIM 4.4 has Faster HitTests! #HTML #Canvas #JavaScript #ZIMjs #CreateJS

ZIM 4.4.0 has launched with an update to its hitTests to greatly improve SPEED.  Pictured above is hitTestCircle() acting on 1000 droids at 60 FPS.  The trick to performance was … Continue reading

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LOOPY! A New Way to Loop – with ZIM for HTML Canvas, JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM 4.3 has introduced a loop function that handles FOUR different tasks.  It has a more familiar format than a for loop: for (var i=0; i<10; i++) {} The params … Continue reading

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Learn to Code Games, Puzzles, Apps on the HTML Canvas with Easy, Modern, Stylish ZIM for JavaScript!

ZIM Learn Zim Learn at http://zimjs.com/code/learn now includes EASY steps to start coding on the modern HTML Canvas: Make a Browser or Mobile Puzzle, Game, etc. with just one page … Continue reading

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