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Golden Functions (CI/CX) Talk at HamOntJS

ZIM Founder, Dan Zen (Dr. Abstract) gave a talk on Four Golden Functions at the HamOntJS meetup in Hamilton at CoMotion on King.  There was an excellent vibe and the … Continue reading

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ZIM with Zdog 3D – a good match for the Canvas with JavaScript, CreateJS and ZIMjs

Zdog at http://zzz.dog is a nice easy pseudo 3D engine great for quick code based modeling.  The format is very similar to ZIM and it is easy to bring in … Continue reading

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ZIM NIO (9) Launches with Dynamic and Path Animation for HTML 5 Canvas with Javascript and CreateJS.

ZIM NIO (9) at https://zimjs.com has launched with exciting new animate() features.  Here is a mini-site: https://zimjs.com/nio/ that demonstrates new features: animate(): convenience props: path, orient, flip, flipVertical, zoom, speed, … Continue reading

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ZIM Ornamate – Wow! You have to try this! It is #Spirograph meets the #HTML #Canvas from #ZIMjs, #JavaScript and #CreateJS

“I wondered what would happen if we put a circle in a circle in a circle in a circle and made sliders for the sizes and steppers for the speeds … Continue reading

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Learn to Code Games, Puzzles, Apps on the HTML Canvas with Easy, Modern, Stylish ZIM for JavaScript!

ZIM Learn Zim Learn at http://zimjs.com/learn.html now includes EASY steps to start coding on the modern HTML Canvas: Make a Browser or Mobile Puzzle, Game, etc. with just one page … Continue reading

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ZIM Bits +64 tutorial examples of Interactive Media on the HTML Canvas with JavaScript and CreateJS

ZIM BITS at http://zimjs.com/code/bits.html has reached the goal of 64 tutorial examples of interactive media techniques for the HTML Canvas with JavaScript and CreateJS.  The goal was reached with a … Continue reading

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ZIM 4TH Launches with new Display Objects, Methods and Properties for HTML Canvas Coding in JavaScript and CreateJS

WHAT’S NEW ZIM – at http://zimjs.com has launched version 4 called ZIM 4TH with a new site and dramatically updated docs. The new version introduces ZIM basic display objects that extend … Continue reading

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