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Remote Control with ZIM Socket in JavaScript HTML5


Here we use ZIM Socket to control a desktop or mobile app remotely.  For instance, the controls could be on your mobile device opened in a Web browser. When you slide the slider, instant data is sent to the app which could be on your desktop and the number of rings will change.  If you drag on the backing of the control, the circle will move as it does if you tilt your device and tilt has been activated.  Pressing the button animates the circle and plays a sound on the remote terminal.  These are examples of the types of remote controls you can use.


ZIM Socket is a multiuser system built on SocketIO and NodeJS.  You will need to set up your own server, etc. as outlined at ZIM SOCKET.

ZIM is an open source light framework for making interactive media.  It sits on top of CreateJS and JavaScript for the HTML canvas.

ZIM js was created by inventor Dan Zen and is supported on the createjs Facebook group.  If you have used Flash in the past or are interested in new ways to create games, puzzles, e-learning apps, etc. then please try it out.  We would love to hear from you and help with any issues.

Dan Zen

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